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Lately, I've been coming across many cute diapering accessories that I want, and I thought that I'd share! They're chic, stylish, and, most of all, functional--at least that's what the reviews and companies tell me. I'll just have to find out for myself!

1) Shopping at Bellini one afternoon, I found the cutest Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, an "Afternoon in Katmandu!" I keep telling myself that if I had this tote, I would save myself from lugging around a diaper bag and my purse. It's surprisingly spacious inside with several pockets for just about any accessory for the baby and me and includes a changing pad and wipes case. I held off from purchasing it so that I can find out if there are other cute prints to choose from on their website. While Katmandu is still my favorite, I now can't decide between the touring tote, boxy backpack, or shoulder bag! Choices, choices, choices.

I HATE the small and thin diaper changing pads that came along with my diaper bags. Does every diaper bag manufacturer add these awful type of pads to their bags? First, they are so tiny--TJ is only 4-months old, and he's been the size of the pad since he was 2 months. Secondly, they're so thin, and I hate it when I have to change him at public restrooms because a) they only have those hard plastic changing stations, b) they have a flat hard wooden table without a cushion, or c) they don't have a changing table at all, so I have to try to find a place to change him--either the restaurant booth, my car seat, the dressing room, a bench, etc. (I've never had to resort to the bathroom floor, but I've heard others have!). TJ is always uncomfortable, and it's probably due to the lack of cushion. Lastly, TJ is wiggling and turning around making it difficult to keep him on the pad. From these annoyances, I thought about creating a better diaper changing pad that would solve my solutions. After trying to do some research online, I found out that others have already beat me to the punch! Ah, well, at least I can try them out and see if they work like a charm!

2) This is the Patemm pad, a round diaper changing pad. Grace Welch, the inventor, was a genius! You can stick your accessories inside the pad, and it folds nicely so you can fit it in your bag. How awesome is that? Plus, they come in the cutest prints--my favorite is "The Jack Martin." Not only that, but it was great to look at her products online and realize that she's Filipino, too. She incorporated our culture into her products by naming her collections in Bicol or Tagalog, regional dialects.

3) Just when I thought I was going to design something unique from the Patemm pad, I came across the Plush Pad by Ah Goo Baby in "Vintage in Blue." Even though it has a memory foam cushion, it's supposed to be easily rolled up and tucked away in your bag.

I must get my hands on these and try them out! Soon!

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  1. i LOVE ppb! I fell in love with their society satchel a loooong time ago, long before I was thinking about kids! 2 req's for mommyhood: ppb bag & a bugaboo! :P

  2. Will you please promise to share this with me when I have a little Tristan of my own??? And all of your other tips that you learn between now and then. And, I got your Christmas card!! Thank you!!! What a beautiful family!


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