Class of 2009, Please Stand Up

Congratulations to my cousin Ryan on graduating high school!

My mom, auntie Lyn, and cousin JP traveled to Manila, Philippines yesterday to celebrate his achievement. He graduates tomorrow, March 19th, but since the Philippines is 13 hours ahead, they're celebrating it today!

It still boggles my mind that they graduate high school at the age of 16 in the Philippines and entering college next Fall. Well, I guess it shouldn't since my hubby did the same thing here in the United States (but that's because he's a genius who skipped two grades--go figure).

Wish I could be there...if I wasn't working and TJ wasn't sick...but I'm there in spirit! My auntie asked me to make candy wrappers for his graduation party. His school colors were green, yellow, and red, and for the wrapper, I decided to stick with the green and yellow (and I was glad to know these were a few of his favorite colors, too!) and gave it a chalkboard theme. I hope they enjoyed it!

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