First Photojournalism Class

My hubby gave me an awesome Christmas gift--a Nikon D90 camera. Prior to CJ's arrival and his deployment, I thought I wouldn't have time to learn how to use it. However, I changed my mind after my hubby left for deployment so that I could improve my picture taking skills so we can have great photos of the kids...and just better photos in general. I signed up for a photojournalism class, and I am absolutely glad I did.

Just the first class was extremely beneficial! I've always used the auto mode and just pointed and shot at objects and people, but we're only supposed to use manual settings, create a story with every photo, and no software program touch ups. Before this class, I didn't know that you could take pictures in the dark, and they can turn out like there was enough light in the room. We walked over to the nearby unlit chapel and started taking pictures of it. It feels so good to be learning how to use my camera. Finally.

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