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My family and I stopped at a rest stop on our way to Nikko; and we were amazed with how NICE it is compared to any rest stop in the States. When you are arrive, there are parking attendants directing you to your parking spot (Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of them because it happened all too quickly. Perhaps on our next rest stop adventure.).

The last time I took a road trip in the States, and we stopped at a rest stop, it was just restrooms and a few benches for you to hang out. It was nothing compared to this!I love that Japan has designated smoking areas, so I don't have to be around people blowing it in my face as they/I walk by. Contain those lung cancer carcinogens to yourselves!

The best part of this rest stop? Starbucks. Look how clean the outside dining area is!

The Food Court

Sounds good. Looks good. Tastes good.
"Thank you very much for purchasing today." Polite in almost every way (almost because they're not always polite in the trains).

So cute that they wear baker's hats!

Not a great picture, but there are mini marts on both sides of the walkway.

Map of the expressways, and I'm pretty sure it was giving up-to-date traffic information.

I love that recycling is a big part of their every day life here.

Blurry, but this is a photo of the women's restroom. Does it look like there's a feather on the floor?

Blue denotes vacant, and red is in use.

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