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We love breakfast, especially Sunday brunch. In fact, every time we visit a new place, I frequently research the best breakfast restaurant in town and make sure it's one of the places to visit on our "Must See" list. In Japan, though, it's mostly about finding who serves an American breakfast with eggs and bacon—hopefully well done. We're not sure why, but the scrambled eggs usually come out runny and the bacon still looks rare. Whether or not it's precooked, chewy bacon fat and runny eggs aren't very appetizing.
Eggs 'n Things opened in Harajuku last March; but we usually start our Sundays late, so we never seemed to make it in time for breakfast. (After an hour train ride, my hungry stomach just wants to eat at the first restaurant I come across.) Plus, the first time we attempted eating at Eggs 'n Things, there was a line from the door to the end of alley and around the block. (My stomach definitely cannot wait that long for food unless I grab breakfast before I eat breakfast.) So when we stayed at The New Sanno in Hiroo (only a 10-minute train ride), we headed to the popular, Hawaiian pancake house. We're not sure if it's because it was 9:00 am or New Year's weekend, but there was no wait—most likely the latter.
While the outside looks quaint, the interior of the restaurant is very clean and modern with Hawaiian décor. We were really excited to eat in an American restaurant again and quickly made our orders. AJ ordered the potato, bacon & cheese omelette, and I ordered the strawberry waffle. After we received our orders, I wished I ordered an omelette, too. I'm neither a fan of thin waffles nor a huge tower of whip cream. It looked like a heart attack with its syrupy strawberries, and mountain of whip cream. (Not what I imagined—a thick waffle with fresh strawberries and maybe a dollop of whip cream.) The omelette, on the other hand, was healthier and delicious (nothing was undercooked). While the food wasn't extraordinary, the customer service was exceptional. Every one was so nice, friendly, and helpful. Standard in Japan!
The highlight of our experience was meeting the diner seated next to us, Scott Caan! Coincidentally, we just finished watching a marathon of Hawaii Five-0 the other night and found out that he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Globes. It was great to meet him, and he was a really cool guy!
In the end, we wouldn't mind eating here again—perhaps I need to order something different like their crèpes or pancakes (Can you tell I like sweets?); BUT we wouldn't wait in line for an hour, so we'll have to remember to come early. If you're ever looking for an American breakfast in Tokyo, though, Eggs 'n Things is the place!
Eggs 'n Things
Open: 9:00 am - 10:30 pm
Phone: 03-5775-5735

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  1. i went there & stood in the crazy line too and loved the food, we didn't see anyone famous thou ;) i had to hit mcd's after cuz i was still hungry ;) hee hee


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