Last weekend, my hubby called and raved on about how beautiful the cherry blossoms were at Yoyogi Park. Since he was deployed last year, it was his first time viewing them in full bloom—and he finally understood why I kept wanting to visit parks every weekend since we returned from Singapore.

Spring is my favorite season—perhaps I'm a little bias since my birthday is in March—but watching everything blossom is beautiful. With the uncertainty of what lay ahead of us, being around them brought me peace and relaxation.

We visited the plum gardens at Yoshino Baigo in Ome two weeks after the earthquake.
{March 26, 2011}

The next weekend, we went to Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa to look for some cherry blossoms. While they were just starting to open, there were plenty of other beautiful flowers to admire.
{April 2, 2011}

These smelled wonderful.

We were told that these were apricot blossoms. To be honest, it's pretty hard for me to distinguish the flowers apart!

The flower of March: Daffodils


The cherry blossoms were barely opening at Showa Kinen Park.

Seeing them start to open brings me lots of excitement, though!

I've been checking's Cherry Blossom Forecast for the last couple of weeks. When I saw that they were almost fully bloomed in Ueno, I knew we had to visit the park before we left for California. It was a gorgeous day to have a picnic under the trees.
{April 5, 2011}

Here are my favorite shots of the cherry blossoms:

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