Friday Foto: Crane in the Maldives

A month ago, we celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary (and 10-year dating anniversary) by taking a 3-week vacation to the Maldives, Thailand, Singapore with stopovers in Sri Lanka. (Note to self: Visit the Maldives last—it was absolutely paradise, which makes other places hard to top it.)
We spent 7 glorious days in the Maldives, and everyday we saw a crane. With our visit to Hiroshima and the earthquake & tsunami that rocked Japan earlier this year, seeing the cranes made me feel better. It's as if they were telling me everything is going to be okay. Plus, the crane symbolizes longevity, prosperity and fidelity in the Japanese culture; so how could you not be happy whenever you see them everyday?
I tried looking for a souvenir with a crane (leave it to me to search for something on our last day at the airport gift shop), but I couldn't find one so I'm happy I took this snapshot!

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