Shinagawa Aquarium

Since it's been a very hot and humid summer with unpredictable rain—weather forecasts scattered showers practically every day. It seems like when we don't have anything planned, it's a gorgeous day; and then we'll plan something for the outdoors the next day, it'll rain. Of course. Why wouldn't that be the case?
To try to beat the heat and rain, a trip to the aquarium seemed like a smart idea. Even though it rained in the morning, it stopped somewhere during our train ride to Shinagawa, so we didn't have to worry about walking in the rain all day.
Let me tell you—pushing a double stroller while trying to hold an umbrella is a balancing act. Not one that I have, so I forgone the umbrella to make things easier for me. Thank goodness it was only sprinkling at the time.
We walked from the JR Omori Station to the aquarium—about a 15-minute walk—and we found the signs on the ground to be very helpful!
Yes! We're almost there! Just follow the dolphins now!
When we entered Shinagawa Kumin Park (where the aquarium is located), it was so beautiful! The lake was a great backdrop for our picnic.

The kids chowing down after an 1 1/2 train ride and 15-minute walk.
We made it to the entrance of the aquarium!
When we finally made it into the aquarium, the dolphin show was starting in 30 minutes. We thought we had a lot of time, so we explored the aquarium a little bit only to come back and find that the outdoor seating was full. Oh, well, watching it from inside was probably better for our group of little kids.

I like how the kids get stimulated by everything. The stairs down to The Sea Bottom Floor had wall-to-wall mirrors, and the kids thought it was great to see multiple reflections of themselves.

The boys entering the Tunnel Water Tank, which was their favorite part of the aquarium. If I could catch the awe in their faces, it would be priceless.

There were some big fish in here.

The stingrays were pretty big, too!

Hopefully the penguins kept cool during this warm day.

This was at the Spotted Seal Behavior Observatory, and the kids were looking through the window for seals to swim by.

Every time a seal passed by, he pointed and said, "Go!"

Smiling while sleeping.

We were also able to catch the Sea Lion Show, and these sea lions had a lot of great tricks! They seemed to be having a lot of fun with the trainers.

He loved touching the starfish.

Checking out the Jewels of the Sea. We didn't find Nemo here, but we did find Dory!

The biggest shark I've ever seen.

Shinagawa Aquarium
Hours: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed: Every Tuesday & January 1st (Open on Tuesday throughout the spring, summer & winter holidays. Contact the aquarium for further details.)
Admission: Adult/¥1,300; Elementary or Junior High School Student/¥600; Child (4-school age)/¥300
Phone: 03-3762-3433

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