Tokyo City View + Sky Aquarium

Since we went to Roppongi to satisfy our Mexican fast-food craving at Chipotle Frijoles, we decided to finally visit Tokyo City View because I was drawn to the Sky Aquarium ads that were posted around Roppongi Hills. What better way to beat the heat with kids than check out the fishes?
We thought visiting Tokyo Tower was pretty cool, but the view from here is amazing. There's an aquarium filled with clownfish, and it was surrounded by lots of people trying to get a photo of the fish and the city.

Hello, Tokyo!

52 stories high

I think I was expecting the Sky Aquarium to have Tokyo as its backdrop like the clownfish above, but it felt more like a museum than an aquarium. It's still a great place to visit, though. You start off by walking through an aquarium theater that has a really great show of Japan's four seasons projecting behind the fish, then walk through a photo gallery, and then visit the aquarium art gallery. Here are some photos from the art aquarium gallery:

Afterward, you walk into the Oasis Blue Planet where there's a huge round tank in the middle filled with fish (my pictures didn't do it justice so I didn't upload it).
My kids really loved the little open tanks around the room filled with jellyfish.
Thank goodness he is short right now—my oldest kept trying to stick his fingers in the tank because he wanted to touch the jellyfish. We had to keep teaching him that it was unsafe.

Okay, I know this isn't the greatest picture, but this is my first time ever viewing a Mexican walking fish. After searching about it online, I found that it's called an axolotl, an aquatic salamander—not a fish!
Sky Aquarium
Date: July 15 - September 25, 2011
Tokyo City View (Mori Tower)
Phone: 03-6406-6652

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