Friday Foto: Shinjuku

Shinjuku, Japan

For our family, it's easier for us to drive around rather than take the train into downtown Tokyo.  There are many times where it is definitely more expensive, but it's the price we pay to be more comfortable in our minivan than a crowded train.  Luckily with our car's GPS (in Japanese only—I'm still surprised that we figured out how to use it on our own, but I'm so glad that we did!) and Google Maps app on our phones, we're able to explore Tokyo easier.  

After grabbing some lunch last weekend, we decided to drive to Tokyo, but we wanted to avoid the toll roads.  Despite the fact that it took us longer to reach our destination, we had a lot of fun driving through new cities, seeing how different each one is from each other, and finding new sites like parks, universities and baseball stadiums.  

I snapped this photo as we were driving through Shinjuku.  I loved the way the clouds looked behind the buildings!

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