Fussa Municipal Pool

To be honest, I'm not a pool person. This may be because I was spoiled with the beach only 15 minutes away while I was growing up. I think I've avoided pool playdates mainly for that fact for the last couple of years, but I finally felt like visiting some new ones this summer. My kids love playing with water—whether it's at the beach, pool or bathtub—and they're both old enough to enjoy it more, so I figured I'd give Fussa Municipal Pool a shot.

I'm so glad we did! We're so used to city pools just having a lap pool and a baby pool that I was surprised to find that Fussa Municipal Pool has a larger wading pool with a volcano, which is the perfect spot for my kids. They loved climbing and sliding the volcano the whole time we were there.

There's are three other pools, and one of them has a water slide. Unfortunately, I didn't get those pictures (no pictures are allowed at the pool, so I snuck this one in during recess), but the volcano was the highlight for our family!

In case you're on the road and looking for the pool, here's a photo of the pool's entrance and parking lot.

Fussa Municipal Pool
Pools: 50m pool, 25m pool, wading pool & slide pool
Open: 2nd Sunday in July - 1st Saturday in September
Hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Closed: When the weather prevents water from being kept at a standard temperature.
Admission: [For 2 Hours] Adults/¥200; Children (3 - Junior High School)/¥100
Phone: 042-552-0398

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