Hamura City Aquatic Center

I really wanted to take the kids swimming. Outdoors. With the hubby who's finally off. During the last weekend before the pool closed. However, the weather forecast affected our ability to enjoy the day as planned. When we woke up, the weather looked pretty warm and clear outside, so we figured we would get ready and drive by Hamura City Aquatic Center to see if it was open. From the last couple of days, the mornings were usually clear, and it would start raining in the afternoon. I thought we would at least have an hour of playtime like we did at Fussa Municipal Pool earlier this week. Unfortunately, when we reached the pool, it was closed to the public.

On our drive to the pool, we passed a farm; and this was the first time I have ever seen a scarecrow in Japan!

My favorite scarecrow of the day—probably ever. I almost missed him, too, as I didn't notice him until I gave one last look at the fields.

My son was extremely excited to go the pool, and he couldn't understand that it was closed since we could see a few people swimming inside—we guessed that they were either lifeguards or a swim team having practice.
It's a shame, too, because the kids and I had a great time there earlier this week. Not only is there a 45m water slide, but there's a small water slide in the wading pool that's perfect for the kids.
There's a lazy river for adults and little children, so definitely bring your water floats. Guess we'll have to wait until next summer!
Even though it was closed, the kids still had fun by taking a walk along Tama River. These little daredevils think it's fun to climb the rocks and leap off.
Next stop? Finding a gymnastics program for my athletic 3 year-old!

Hamura City Aquatic Center
Pools: Whirlpool, 45m water slide & wading pool
Open: Summer
Admission: [For 2 Hours] Adults/¥300; Children (0 - Junior High School)/¥100; [All Day] Adults/¥600; Children/¥200
Phone: 042-579-3210

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  1. is the COOLEST scarecrow ever! nice~ and love the belly flop off the rock,, :)


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