Pike Place Market

Right now, I miss Washington.  The last few years, we've taken trips to Washington for the hubby's work.  This year, though, the kids and I didn't join him.  Mostly because I didn't want to deal with the jet lag—I have horrible jet lag whenever I go east, and it takes about 3-4 days for me to recover.  What's worse than dealing with jet lag?  Dealing with kids and no help while you're jet lagged.  Not that my hubby isn't helpful; but when he's gone for work, it's just me and the kids.  So while he's away, I think I'll reminisce about our previous trips to Washington (breaking down each location with a different post so I don't have one extremely long post)!

Whenever we're in Seattle, we tend to visit Pike Place Market first.  When I first visited Seattle for my work in 2007, it was highly recommended to me to visit the farmers market because I could watch some cool fish tossing.  That's right, the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market toss fish to each other when a customer has placed an order.  It's pretty fun to watch; so when we made our first visit to Seattle as a family, I took us here first.  

Do you see the blurred object in the middle right of the picture?  That's the fish flying!  And don't worry, a guy popped up behind the counter to catch it!

There's a lot of great produce, seafood, flowers, artwork, and local foods to buy!  (Although, for a farmers market, the food is pretty expensive; and I was a bit surprised to see that some of fruit was imported from California!  No wonder some of them were more expensivethey're not local.)  My absolute favorite item to purchase here is the raspberry pepper jelly from Woodring Northwest.  Mmm...Pepper jelly on top of brie sounds so good right now!  (Trust me, I tested practically every pepper jelly sample from every vendor that sold them, and Woodring's had the best.)

We probably should try a new restaurant whenever we visit Pike Place Market, but we usually find ourselves dining at Lowell's.  If you can't tell by now, we have an affinity for water; so if we can catch a view of the ocean while we're eating, then it's a bonus!  Lowell's has three ocean view floors, and we always sit on the third floor giving us great views of Elliott Bay.  Plus, their food is delicious!

Our next stop?  The First Starbucks Store.

Pike Place Market
Location (Parking Garage):  1531 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone:  (206) 682-7453 

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