Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

When we drove to Owen Beach the other day, we noticed that there was a zoo at Point Defiance Park, too; so I thought it would be a great place to take the kids while the hubby was working during the week.  We visited Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium one morning, but many of the animals seemed to be sleeping while we were there.  I guess it was nap time for almost everyone since CJ was napping, too.  TJ, however, was so excited to see all the animals.  We walked all over the park searching for them.  It's not an overreached expectation from him since it is a zoo, so I felt terrible when they were sleeping or in hiding.

These Sumatran tiger cubs were only 4 months old when we went to visit.

These siamangs were climbing all over the place.

I wish I took an overview photo of the North Pacific Aquarium.  It's this huge tank that looks like a shipwreck in the Puget Sound.

Tube Anemone

TJ trying to peak over and see the fish.

Can you spot the seahorse?

He could watch the seals swimming all day.

Watching the walruses swim around and around.

Right before we left, I took one look back and saw Mt. Rainier, so I had to take a photo!

The best part of our time at the zoo was when TJ and CJ were touching sea life at the Marine Discovery Center and playing at the Kids' Zone, which was our last stop of the day. I loved that I decided to live in the moment with my kids instead of trying to capture it for once.  Guess you'll have to visit the zoo to see what it looked like!

We're off to pick up the hubby and explore Downtown Tacoma

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Location:  5400 North Pearl Street, Tacoma, WA 98407
Phone:  (253) 591-5337
Website:  http://www.pdza.org

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