Friday Foto: Nurimaru APEC House

Dongbaek Island, Busan, Korea

We stayed at the Westin Chosun for three nights, and it wasn't until our last day that we decided to walk around Dongbaek Island (not sure how we missed it since the Westin is at the entrance of the park).  Our hike along the coast brought us to the Nurimaru APEC House.    Nuri means "world" and maru means "summit" in Korean—literally meaning "a house where the world summits gather together for an APEC meeting."  With the Gwangan Bridge, South Sea, and camillia trees, it was a beautiful last view of Busan for us.

Just a tip:  If you're homesick for some American food, try the "Mr. President Burger" at the Westin Chosun.  Apparently it's the burger that former President Bush ordered when he was staying there for the conference in 2005.  It's delicious!

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