Sakura-zaka Park [Robot Park]

Before I continue with our adventures in South Korea, I wanted to share a new park I found last week. (Otherwise, it'll be backlogged with the rest of the places I've taken the kids to while we're in Japan.)  To get our Mexican-American food fix, my friend and I took our children to Frijoles in Roppongi.  I like going to restaurant in Roppongi rather than in Azabu-Juban because there's outdoor seating, so we usually get the farthest table with open space for the kids to run around.  Or, if you have kids like mine, they'll climb up and jump down the stairs at the pyramid.  

The restaurant is a block from Roppongi Hills.  At first, we were going to let the kids play at the Mohri Garden, but it's not very kid-friendly (it's a beautiful pond with lush greenery surrounding it, but there isn't enough open space for the kids to run around).  So, we took a detour at the Family Room to change the kids and regroup.  

I think Japan has the coolest family rooms because of all the great amenities.  This particular family room had couches and tables for people to rest/nurse, a changing corner, a vending machine that sells diapers, juices, and milk, and a play area for kids.  

The play area was definitely their favorite part.

Afterwards, we walked over to Sakura-zaka Park, popularly known as Robot Park—located by the Sakura-zaka Residences in Roppongi Hills.  It's a small park, but it's filled with enough slides and springs to entertain my kids.

The park's equipments is designed with robots, hence the name, so it's pretty cool.  Very futuristic.

These kids love the rolling-pin slide.  It's a race to the top of the hill to see who's next!

They definitely enjoyed playing on this for awhile.  I was a bit freaked out, though, because there was construction on the stairs to the right.

Robo Robo Robo is a towering sculpture of 44 robots by Choi Jeong Hwa.  At night, the eyes of the robots light up.  I definitely need to visit this park in the evening so I can see the robots lit up!

Taking turns sliding down the tunnel.

Yes, that is him swinging off to slide down.  

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