Friday Foto: Omotesando Illuminations

Harajuku, Japan

I love the holiday season.  There always seems to be so much love in the air.  I'm probably biased because my hubby proposed to me on Christmas Eve—cliche, I know, but it's our love story, and I love it.  I was a bit worried when we moved to Japan in 2009 because I heard that Christmas wasn't as popular as in the States, but the places we have visited seemed to have proven the rumors wrong.  Stores start selling Christmas decorations as early as late summer, and we walked through many cities lit up with holiday lights and decorations.  Seeing twinkling lights in the night always bring a joy to my face, the lights down Omotesando-dori are exceptionally beautiful.  I actually took this photo of Omotesando on the 1st of this year, and I'm super excited to explore other places this season!

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