Friday Foto: Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya, Japan

It's been a few weeks since we visited downtown Tokyo, and it seems that the day we planned to be in Shibuya is the same day winter decided to say hello!  Despite the rain and chilliness outside, it doesn't stop hundreds of Tokyoites from walking around the city.  Shibuya or Hachiko (in tribute to a dog named Hachiko who loyally waited for his owner at the station even years after his death—there's a statue and wall art at the station as well) Crossing is my favorite crosswalk in Tokyo.  Every time I walk out of the station and see the tall buildings filled with advertisements—print and video, which are more of cute & bubbly music videos advertising drinks and snacks—with loads of people waiting to cross five different ways, it makes it feel so surreal that we live in Japan even two and half years later.  Despite the fact that Starbucks' second floor seating is no bigger than a walkway, it's my favorite place to watch the passersby at Shibuya Crossing!

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