Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park

My friends raved about Noyamakita-Rodkudoyama Park, and after visiting it this past weekend, I can see why!  We visited its Play Forest, and there was a variety of obstacle courses to entertain my children.  Although many of the obstacles are more geared towards school-aged children, my little boys wanted to attempt to tackle the challenges in front of them.

Located on the western edge of Sayama Hills, Noyamakita Park is covered with dense treees, mountain flowers, rice paddies and crop fields, a country house, hiking trails, wooden playgrounds, observation deck, ponds, and a sports field with swimming pool.

The Play Forest is at the east end of the park, and there are 26 sets of wooden playground equipment named after forest creatures. 

Climbing up to walk on the logs.

Since I don't have him enrolled in a gymnastics class, this can be his balance beam for the day.

Boot camp for kids

These toddlers climbed the net and halted at the logs held up by chains.

TJ successfully walking down the logs by himself!  I'm so proud of him!

Tire time


Finally, we came across a slide!

CJ enjoyed "swinging" from the rope.
[Credit:  Patricia Marchese]

The kids were climbing up on the bottom level of this net obstacle.

Sometime during the climb, TJ lifted himself to the upper level.  Yes, it was a pretty long obstacle, and he made it all the way to the top!

This is one of the coolest, park slides that they've slid down.
[Credit:  Heather Gerold]

TJ looks like he's trying to help his friend climb up the mound of dirt.
[Credit:  Heather Gerold]

There was a tunnel running underneath the mound of dirt.  CJ enjoyed running in and out of it.
[Credit:  Heather Gerold]

The kids using their imagination by thinking this pod was a car.

Noyamakita-Rokudoyama Park
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