[Palette Town]: Leisure Land

It's usually at the end of the day when we make it to Leisure Land.  There's actually a lot to do here, such as baseball hitting, bowling, karaoke, billiards, ping pong, a Ninja Trick House, haunted house, indoor fishing, darts and other various sports, and a children's playground.  At this point, though, we just like walking through and seeing what games they have in the arcade (which, by the way, will take all your money while you're trying to grab a stuffed animal—we basically cheered to early when it picked up this cute stuffed animal, and then watched it slip through the prongs back into its place).  Anyway, here's TJ riding a giraffe that walks around the arcade.  

Maybe next time we won't spend as much time at Mega Web, VenusFort, or Daikanransha so that we can explore Leisure Land.

Leisure Land

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