[Palette Town]: VenusFort

After playing with the cars at Mega Web, we went on over to VenusFort to find some food.  VenusFort is a shopping mall; and every time I enter it, the interior design reminds me of The Venetian or Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada with the sky painted on the roof and European-inspired decor.  

The Fountain Plaza

I love coming here during the winter because of the illuminations.  This is supposed to be Venus, the Goddess of Love, showering stars from the sky.

This is Spes's, the Goddess of Hope, White Tree.  Our kids loved playing underneath it because of the acoustics.

At the Olive Plaza, Fortuna, the Goddess of Fortune, showering some stars.

As much as I love shopping, we love eating more.  We went straight to Hale Moana for some burgers and fries (I know, I know, we're in Japan, we should eat Japanese cuisine, but sometimes you just want to eat a good burger.)  TJ doesn't seem impressed by its grand burger.  The burgers are pretty good,  but we have to remember to ask for no mayonnaise next time.   

From their smiles, we had a pretty good time at VenusFort!


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