Picnic Grove

We drove to Tagaytay for a short getaway from Manila.  Luckily, it was Holy Thursday when we made the trip over there, so there was light traffic in Manila.  It was nice to finally breeze through traffic for once (I really felt that I spent half my visit stuck on the highways!).  Well, that could only last for so long.  It seemed like the closer we were getting to Tagaytay, the worse the traffic was getting.  On our way to Picnic Grove, though, my family passed the time by pointing out landmarks like Enchanted Kingdom, Splash Island, and Manny Pacquiao's neighborhood in Laguna.  

One of my favorite parts about the road trip was seeing so many fruit and vegetable vendors, especially for pineapples.  The best pineapples that I ever ate was in the Philippines!

Once we finally arrived at the Picnic Grove, we had priorities.  We first enjoyed a great family picnic at the park.

Enjoying the view from the park.

Standing above Tagaytay Ridge Zipline, I got my first glimpse of Taal Volcano and Lake.

Closer view of Taal Volcano, which is an active volcano.  

We stood on the deck for awhile and watched people ziplining across the park.   It looked really fun. 

The courses are 250 meters long, and you can soar 300 feet above the ground at 60 km/hr.  You can also fly one way or two ways across the park.

We walked along a trail through the park, and no matter where we were, we could catch a glimpse of people zip lining.

You could also ride a cable car across the park.  It look like a great bang for your buck because it moved across extremely slow, so you can spend more time enjoying views of the lake and area.

Crossing a bridge on the hike.

There were quite a few souvenir shops and food vendors at the park; so while we waited in line for coconut shakes, the kids found some snake toys for entertainment.

Finally enjoying our coconut shake!  So refreshing in this heat!

My nieces, nephews and youngest son having fun at the park.

After much debate, I finally caved in and said I would go zip lining.  TJ kept talking about wanting to fly, and I didn't know if we would ever return here.  There were lots of other children his age zipping through, so we decided to do it.  Another benefit of ziplining is getting a complimentary photo, so here it is!

It was a lot of fun!  So refreshing and great to see the views!  TJ had an absolutely wonderful time and talked about wanting to go again!

Petting a crocodile.  They also had snakes that you could take pictures with and pet.

Flying kites in the sky.

Oh, and if you're up for it, you can ride a horse at the park; but even just sitting here and enjoying the views is a day well spent.

Picnic Grove
Phone:  +63-46-413-4206
Location:  Sungay East, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

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