Seibu Lions v Softbank Hawks

This past Thursday, Saitama's Seibu Lions played against Fukuoka's SoftBank Hawks at the Seibu Dome.  It was my first baseball game cheering for the Lions, and it was a very fun game with the Lions winning (9-2).

There was a lot of cheering from the crowd this night.  It's actually a pretty good place to bring your kids.  Everyone is so loud that they won't be bothered with your kids being just as noisy or noisier than them.

Fans getting their victory balloons ready for "Lucky 7."  Right before the Lions take the bat, these balloons are launched for good luck.  It's really cool and fun; and great entertainment for the little ones.  I took the kids to the top of stairs where they proceeded to run around and play fight with their balloons.

Here's a short clip of the Lions at the bat during the 5th inning:

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